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Hair Adventures: Growing it back with Avocado Oil and Khalo Jeera

There are strange things that happen as you get older.  And by older, I mean.. your mid 20s.  I think we forget and take advantage of our "youth".  Sure, 20s and 30s are great times of your life and you should live it up and do all the things... but.

But if you live until you're 60, you still got 40 years of life you want to live with maximum quality.  You don't automatically turn.. 40 or something, and your life is set and over and quality of life is over.  You still need to live!
This is besides the point, the point is, when we get older and we rely on our youth for our hair and skin to stay the same, but our cells stop regenerating the same... our skin loses its luster, our hair doesn't grow back as thick, we steadily gain weight... unless we take care of ourselves. 
Contrary to (somewhat) popular belief, you do not need expensive and time-costly treatment to stay refreshed.  My mom is right, society is going back to 'the old school' methods for beauty…
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I miss.. things.
I miss Bollywood.. and brown things.
Like planning Bollywood nights which involves food, movies, and choice of song videos.  
I miss eating brown food and going out to eat brown food and maybe making some yummy snacks at home.
I haven't dabbled in Bollywood in a while.  I've got caught up in my life and just.. kinda forgot about it.  Sort of shied away from it.  
Life is short.  Sometimes I get caught up on which moments are the ones worth pursuing?  
Sometimes I'm unsure.  Sometimes I think I'm doing the right thing and other times, I wonder if I'll look back and realize I was pursuing all the wrong things. 
I don't know.
That's life right? 

A lot of "Un"s

Lately, with my medium-to-fast paced life, I've been feeling uninspired and unmotivated.  Which is totally not working for me since I got a midterm next week ontop of a bunch of stuff I really got to do. 
I've always had a fire to do things.  For my early 20s (I cannot believe that's a phrase I write), I had a fire to do things: graduate my senior year of college (if you knew the challenge, then yah), excel at my job, get better at boxing, get better at self-care, become a better person in general.
I had more internal motivation than external motivation.
I got thru undergrad, thru my hectic job, thru my dad being sick, thru a lot of crazy shit that I can't/won't type on here... and here I am.. at a top 5 Public Health school and I'm.. unmotivated.
And I don't want to sound ungrateful.  Like 'boohoo poor me, life is going great and I'm so sad".
It's not that.  I don't know if I'm one of those people who need.. a constant challenge/b…


I miss my dad especially today.
I miss him usually, wondering what quirky thing he would have said, what he would have thought about Trump (the endless jokes and worries), how he would have reacted to me getting into all 7/8 grad schools. 
But today, I miss him for another reason. 
I'm trying this foot sock thing, Baby Foot, and it requires you to wear plastic footie socks and suggests you wear real socks over.  I chose some long socks and I carefully and slowly penguin walked my way around my apartment.
And flashback.
My dad was always especially cold when he got sick.  During his hospital admissions, he had gathered quite a collection of yellow with white track hospital socks.  When he was especially sick, he use to hobble/penguin walk carefully.  I remember his socks, walking very carefully and frailly.. cause he was sick.  He was weak and he was tired.  
And he use to outpace us all, us often having to jog a little to catch up with him.
Sometimes it almost feels like an innoc…


A brown terrorist shoots people, people calls for a ban for brown people/Muslims. 
A black terrorist shoots people, people says "see, we were right, that's just the type of people they are"
A white terrorist massacres people, people still are defending their stupid fucking rights for guns.
We need better gun control laws. 

Day 1 of being 26: Quarterlife Crisis

Feeling like you've been struck by a train for no reason. 

I did not have a quarter life crisis when I turned 25.  Why?  My life was so up in the air that I don't think I care for much direction.  I did not know where I was going to be in a year, what I would be doing.  With graduate school impeding, I was sure as heck that I would not be in Michigan.  I was sure/wanted to be sure, that I would be at the University of Washington in Seattle, living a whole new, different life.

That didn't quite happen.

And it's not a bad thing.

I am going to this amazing school honored enough to get a Dean's scholarship.  I have this amazing circle of friends I genuinely love spending time with.  I got this cutie cat.  I got things here.  I've made a life here.

Yet for some reason today... I woke up thinking "what am I doing?".

When I was really little, my dreams were influenced by Bollywood -- get married by a young age to the perfect Bollywood man who wo…

Power of 1

You can have people shit on you all day.  On your dreams, on your passion.
But all you need is that one friend to make that all go away and reassure your passion and dreams :)
Shoutout to Loopie Pickle!